06 Mar


SALA APOLO, CARRER NOU DE LA RAMBLA, 113, 08004 BARCELONA 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Skip The Use is a name that basically means ‘don’t go down the usual path’… in other words ‘shake up the established order of things’ or ‘push the boundaries’. And clearly Skip The Use makes a point of shaking things up and entertaining its public at all costs. That is its DNA, its driving force, and the reason behind the formation of this new genre of ‘famous five’ (Mat Bastard for vocals, Yann Stefani on the guitar, Jay Jimenez on the bass guitar, Lio on the keyboard and Manamax on the drums) not quite five years ago. Skip The Use is a real tornado of a band, as much from the visual as the musical standpoint, and it has never stopped intriguing us since.


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