No One Is Innocent, a band named after a Sex Pistols’ single. No One Is Innocent, a French rap-metal music with meaningful and powerful lyrics.
We are in 1994 and No One Is Innocent explodes with the release of their eponym album and their single « La peur ».

The band quickly gains a reputation for its energetic and overexciting energy on stage. Aware of their time and the new street and musical vibes, the following albums will keep this energy flowing. Furious and committed, sometimes controversial, they point directly to the society’s abuses and crisis.
After a three-year absence, No One Is Innocent announces his return with a new marathon tour, and a new album in their bags, Frankenstein.



Los mejores eventos de la escena francesa y la referencia cultural de la comunidad francófona en Barcelona.

Els millors esdeveniments de l'escena francesa i la referencia cultural de la comunitat francòfona a Barcelona.



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