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Can cupid make a miracle happen today

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Of course, this is nothing new.

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The custom of sending valentine cards actually became popular in the s. Then in the early s commercial valentines appeared, and soon there was no end to how entrepreneurs could make money from the holiday. What harm can there be in the celebration of lovers in the name of St.

But just where did the curious customs of this day come from?

What is the origin of the holiday itself? Robert Myers, in Celebrations: But no one is quite certain who this St.

Can cupid make a miracle happen today

Valentine was—or, more appropriately, who these Valentines. The early lists of church martyrs reveal at least three Valentines, and one source boosted this number to an unwieldy eight, each of whom had his feast day on February Some have claimed that he is associated with love because he secretly performed Christian weddings during Roman persecution.

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Of course, all Christian ceremonies cupud gatherings were done in secret at the time, so this would not have been unusual for any Christian leader. February 14 was significant not only for its religious meaning, but because it was widely believed that birds begin to mate on this date.

But how often do our prayers reflect the reality that God may respond to prayers , we may see something wonderful and miraculous happen. Eros, Roman Cupid, is an important deity of longing, fertility, and desire in classical antiquity. Offerings were made at Eros' temples, in the form of plants and flowers, There does seem to be some question about Eros' parentage. In later as the chubby cherub that still remains as a popular image today. I have to take off soon, but there is one more idea I'd like to run by you. Supposing a miracle happens and you somehow manage to win, will you use our date.

Shakespeare, [as well as another poet writing aroundMichael] Drayton, and [poet and can cupid make a miracle happen today todwy the s John] Gay are among those who mention it in this connection, and the diarist [of the s] Samuel Pepys several times discusses the day and its related customs. It is true that various birds are involved in courtship and mate selection around this time of year, but it is not specific to the date of Feb.

What was specific to Feb. The original festival is founded in the ancient legend of Romulus and Remus, the traditional founders of Rome.

5 Ways to Pray for Instant Miracles

The Lupercalia festival was celebrated in honor of a number of pastoral deities. It can cupid make a miracle happen today the idea of cleansing before spring renewal with the promotion of sexual fertility and reproduction, a prevalent theme throughout pagan religion.

Young men dressed in the skins of sacrificed goats would run from the Lupercal cave brandishing strips of goat skin as whips. Over the years many customs were added to miiracle celebration—including the origin of drawing out valentines.

Can cupid make a miracle happen today

As Todday spread throughout the Roman Empire, it was common for pagan converts to retain their earlier religious customs and practices.

Pope Gelasius is said to have eradicated Lupercalia from Christian observance in the last decade of can cupid make a miracle happen today fifth century. But in reality, the intermingling of paganism and Christianity had become inseparable in much of the Western world. Saturnalia and Mithraism were incorporated into the church through claiming a December cxn date for Jesus Christ. Various spring fertility rites merged to form the basis of Easter celebrations.

Lupercalia evolved into the observance of St.

Eros, Greek God of Passion and Lust

Now it was a simple matter to call the day that this drawing [for amorous pairing mentioned earlier] took place St. Incidentally, this custom is not dead today and is pure mature lesbians observed in some religious orders.

The ancient Romans worshiped gods and goddesses involved with every aspect of life.

Jupiter, the chief of the gods, was the god of rain and storms, while his wife, Juno, was happem goddess of womanhood. The Greeks considered Mercury, whom they called Hermes, to be the messenger of the gods, but the Romans worshiped him as the god of trade, with kissing other women celebrating his feast day to increase profits.

If you want to pray powerfully, you must pray for things that require great assistance, things that you could not just easily change on your. God will respond to any prayer, no matter how small. Since you can approach God with confidence, why not pray the biggest, most powerful prayers that you can? Share Flipboard Tosay.

St. Valentine, Cupid and Jesus Christ | United Church of God

Table of Contents Expand. Build Your Faith. Ask for What God Wants for You. Wrestle in Prayer. Whitney Hopler has written on faith topics since Choose to believe that God will reward you for diligently seeking him, as religious texts promise.

Expect God to do much more than you could do on your. Surround yourself with people who have strong mriacle, people who believe that God is as big as can cupid make a miracle happen today says he is, and who have personally experienced his mighty power and faithfulness in their own lives. Keep a prayer journal in which you record specific prayers that you practice daily until breakthroughs come.

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Write down the answers to your prayers when they come. Later, read your past journal entries to remind yourself of how God has been faithful to you. To identify any faulty patterns in your prayer lifeask yourself: Rid yourself of sinful habits that may be opening doors for evil to come.

Confess and repent of any sin that God brings to your attention, and ask him to cleanse you of it.