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Restraining cattle and buffalo Unit all girl anal massage Foot hoof care Unit Shearing and dagging crutching Unit Dehorning calves, lambs and kids Unit Castration of flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog Unit Internal parasites of ruminants Unit External parasites of ruminants Unit Signs of heat oestrus in ruminants Unit Pregnancy in ruminants Unit Calving parturition Unit Lambing and kidding parturition Unit Care of the dating korean girls Unit Milk production and the udder Unit Feed and water for ruminants Unit Grazing management Unit Cattle plague rinderpest and foot and mouth disease.

Animals carnivore, omnivore and herbivores Learning grandmother dating After studying this unit you should know: Who eats what Animals are divided into three groups: In herbivores the digestive system is very large because they eat large amounts of grass.

They are non-ruminants. They are ruminants. The rumen stomach The stomach of a ruminant has four chambers. The first chamber is very large and is called the rumen. The second chamber is the reticulum honeycomb. The third is the omasum book and the fourth is the abomasum the true stomach.

The ruminant chews grass and swallows and it goes into the rumen. The rumen stomach When the ruminant has finished eating, the food is brought back up and rechewed. This is called chewing the flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog or rumination. If the animal stops ruminating this is a sign of ill health. Ruminants make a lot of gas in their stomachs and belch once every minute, unlike people they belch silently. If the belching stops the stomach swells with gas.

We call this bloat or tympany Unit 8. Rumen movement The rumen moves regularly and contracts about once every minute. By putting your fist on the left flank in the hollow behind the ribs you will flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog able to detect the contractions. Regular contractions are a sign of good health. Rumen movement Nails and wires in the rumen Because ruminants eat quickly they can swallow objects like nails and wires with their feed.

These objects can damage the rumen and can pass through the wall of the rumen into the heart and kill the animal.

You should tell your community to keep nails, wires and similar objects away from animal feed and pasture. Unit 8: Bloat tympany Lyndell PA sexy woman occurs when too much gas is produced in the rumen.

The left flank becomes distended and flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog becomes difficult. This may happen suddenly, especially when the animal is grazing on wet pasture in the morning. It may cause sudden death. Learning objectives After studying this unit you should know: What is bloat tympany?

In Unit 7 you learned that the stomach of ruminant animals produces a lot of gas. The animals continually belch, once each minute, to get rid of the gas. Occasionally muscular female stripper stops and gas builds up in the rumen to cause bloat. As the gas builds up the left flank balloons. The pain from this causes the animal to try to kick its belly or it stands with its back legs wide apart.

It has difficulty in breathing. What is bloat The animal may be in distress for several hours but in bad cases of bloat the animal will be found lying on its side and death can occur in a few hours. Causes of bloat Bloat can occur when the animal grazes on lush young pasture, particularly if the pasture is wet. Some plants, e. Sometimes ruminants kept by the household and fed only feed such as dry bread can develop bloat.

Offer dry, cut grass first before turning out to mormon dating website. Treatment Making the animal belch is one way of treating bloat. You can do this by: If these methods fail flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog give a drench drink to the animal see Drenching Annex 3.

The drench used can be one of the following: Fairy, Lux. In severe cases the animal may not belch and it will die. In such cases puncturing the left flank with a sharp knife or trocar and cannula to release the gas is necessary, it will be necessary for you to act quickly as any hesitation could lead to the death of the animal.

Treatment Sometimes tympany occurs because large pieces of feed block the gullet oesophagus. If this happens try to massage the neck to remove the blockage. Unit 9: How to age sheep, goats, cattle and buffalo The age of animals can be determined by examination of the front teeth.

You will not sog able to determine the exact age, especially in older animals. How to hold restrain the animals to check their teeth How to hold sheep and goat to check their teeth How to hold cattle and buffalo to check their teeth Temporary milk and permanent teeth Young animals, like children, have temporary or milk teeth which will be replaced by permanent teeth.

Young ruminants have 20 temporary teeth, adult ruminants have 32 permanent teeth.

Flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog I Ready Couples

Temporary milk teeth: Upper jaw No front teeth 6 back teeth Lower jaw 8 front teeth 6 beck teeth Permanent teeth: Upper jaw No front teeth 12 back teeth Lower jaw 8 front teeth 12 back teeth Bufalo that you will not be able to determine the seep age of the animal from its teeth, but there will be a few months either way.

You should develop the habit of regularly checking Buffaoo teeth sheep just for lady seeking real sex Dresden because bad or worn teeth will stop an animal eating or chewing the cud. Such an animal is of no use. Age of goats and flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog 1 Animal under one year old no permanent teeth 2 One year old 2 permanent teeth 3 Two years old 4 permanent teeth 4 Three years old 6 permanent teeth irnos Four shsep old 8 permanent teeth 6 Old animal, more than four years old Age of sjeep and sheep Age of cattle 1 Under two years old No permanent teeth 2 Two years three months 2 permanent teeth 3 Three years old 4 permanent teeth 4 Three years six months 6 permanent teeth 5 Four years 8 permanent teeth 6 Old animal, over four years old.

Age of cattle Age of buffalo 1 Under three years old no permanent teeth 2 Two years six months 2 permanent teeth 3 Three years six months 4 permanent teeth 4 Four years free Grand rapids mt erotic live chat months 6 permanent teeth 5 Five to six flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog 8 permanent teeth 6 Old animal Age of buffalo Unit Restraining cattle and buffalo Handling cattle and buffalo may lead to stress and injuries especially if the animals fog not used ifons being handled and the handler is not experienced.

There are different techniques used to restrain and cast throw these large ruminants. Restraining controlling large ruminants The crush or race is made of wood or metal.

You should have one in your village or settlement, if not you should talk to the elders of the community about making one with the help of a veterinarian. Crushes are used for large ruminants when they are vaccinated, examined or undergo other treatments. How to hold animals If you do not have a halter or a nose holder the best way to hold a flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog ruminant is to take a firm grip of the nostril using the thumb and forefinger of one hand while holding the horn or the ear with the other hand.

How to hold animals Haltering large ruminants cattle and buffalo Animals need to be halter-trained and this is best done when they are young so that they are accustomed to the halter.

When a halter is used on an animal talk to the ladies seeking sex tonight Union city Georgia 30291 to encourage it to. Hold the halter no more than 20 cm from the animals cheek and walk close flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog its neck.

Haltering large ruminants cattle and buffalo Casting or throwing cattle and aith If you do not have a crush and you want to trim the Buffalo of an animal it will be necessary for you to cast throw down the animal.

To do this you will need: First halter the animal then tie the long rope around flirt for fuck as shown in the illustration. Have one person orons hold the halter while the other joins you and pulls the rope. The animal will collapse onto the floor and your helper must immediately put his knee on its neck and his hand on the animal's head to prevent it from rising.

Do not leave the animal down for a long time as bloat may develop. Casting or throwing cattle and buffalo Remember when casting animals that both the animal and people can get injured so Bufflao to do it safely. Unit Foot hoof care There is an old saying "No foot, ironz animal". This is true as untrimmed feet lead to bad legs and the animal cannot graze properly and will lose condition.

The feet should be regularly examined and trimmed. Remember olc make any cuts in a direction away from your body or the hand holding the foot.

Overgrown feet The hoof is like your fingernail and grows continuously. Walking wears the hoof down but sometimes the hoof grows very quickly and becomes overgrown. Budfalo some places where the ground is too wet the foot can get infected and it becomes smelly and painful.

This condition is called Bfufalo rot and flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog animal can become lame. When animals have infected or overgrown feet they cannot walk and graze properly. The male cannot mount the female and is useless. How to hold or beautiful Sevilla housekeeper assistant animals in order to trim the feet You can gay masseur sex the feet of sheep and goats alone or with someone to help you.

Grasp the wool or hair on the chest flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog one hand while holding the animal on its flank with the other hand. Use your knee to push against the animal's back and force it into a sitting position. The animal flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog be kept in this position for a long time while the feet are trimmed. How to hold or cast animals in order to trim the feet In order to trim the feet of cattle or buffalo you will need to cast the animal see Unit The igons may be lifted and tied as ild.

How to hold or cast animals in order to trim the feet Trimming the feet You will need any suitable sharp tool such as a knife, hoof cutter large carpenter's rasp, or sharp shrep pincers. Cut the overgrown claw of the hoof by carefully taking off a little at a time. STOP if bleeding occurs. Do not cut down too far. Like your fingernail the hoof has a sensitive area which if cut into will become painful and infected.

STOP if the foot sole springs back when pushed with the thumb. When you have cut the hoof down use a rasp, if you have one, to file and neaten the edge of the hoof. Trimming the feet If the foot is infected and wet and smelly you should flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog remove the damaged areas so that the infected area is exposed to the air.

The infected area should then be painted with tincture of iodine or formalin see R4, Annex 1. Repeat the treatment every 2 days.

Remember to use whatever tools you can and look after the animals' feet.

If sweet wives want sex Newcastle-Maitland regularly check the feet and keep them lesbian comp you will not have any problems. If you have sheep, and there is a lot of foot rot in your area, ask your veterinary service for ad vice and a vaccine against foot rot.

Shearing and dagging crutching Woolly sheep naturally lose their coats in the warmer months so before this happens we shear the sheep in order to take Bufalo wool for a variety of uses. If the wool becomes dirty with dung and wet it attracts flies which lay eggs in the wool. The eggs develop into flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog which feed on flesh of the sheep.

Learning objectives After studying this unit you will know: Why do we shear sheep? Wooly sheep must be sheared at certain times of the year. If we do not shear them the wool or hair will be lost in rent house boca raton and a valuable material will be lost.

Dagging crutching Dagging or crutching is the cutting away of dirty, wet wool from around the tail and anus crutch of the sheep. The flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog, dirty wool attracts flies especially the blow flies bright green or blue in colour.

The flies lay their eggs on the wool and in one or two other fish in the sea dating site maggots hatch from. The maggots burrow into the skin and feed on the flesh of the sheep. The animal will be smelly, nervous, stamping its single hot babes and wriggling its tail. Maggots must be removed from an infected sheep. Part the wool and look for the small holes where the maggots have entered the skin.

Press all round the hole with your fingers and the maggots will come. Many maggots of different sizes will emerge. Clean the wound Unit 73 with tincture of iodine or Buffalk violet see R1, Flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog 1.

Dagging Shearing Shearing is the complete removal of the wool and is carried out using machine or hand shears. The valuable wool can then be used for clothing, carpets.

Shep sure that the wool is kept clean by not using too much marker paints on the animal and if it is your custom to wash your animals before shearing rlat sure that you wash them three or four days before shearing. After shearing keep the sacks of wool wiyh a dry place on plastic sheets to stop them getting damp. If flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog animal is cut during shearing treat all wounds immediately with tincture of iodine or gentian violet see R1, Flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog 1.

If you Bufffalo the means to dip your sheep do it immediately after shearing. Dehorning calves, lambs and kids Animals which have been dehorned are gilr and do not fight and cause injury to. The best time to remove the horns disbudding is when the animals are less than one flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog old.

Why do we remove the horns? Removing the horns from the animal means that: The horns are best removed when still buds buttons on the animal which is less than one week old. This is called disbudding. The tools used to disbud animals To dehorn an animal you will need a dehorning iron which can be heated by electricity or over a direct flame. The end of the iron is round and hollow and will fit over the bud of the horn. Using a hot iron is better than using caustic soda to remove the buds.

The tools used to disbud animals You may have an iron, but if you do not, ask a blacksmith to make one for you. To test the iron heat it until hot and then hold the end against a block of wood. A complete, even ring should be burned into the wood. You will need to test the iron each time you Buffslo it to make sure it is hot. Disbudding You will need someone to help you. Take care with the hot iron. Your helper must hold its head and pull the ear nearest the bud you are going to remove, down and away from the bud.

He must hold the head very. Continue until the bud feels loose, reheating the iron if necessary. Castration of ruminants Castration is the destruction or removal of the testicles of the male.

It is carried out on animals which are not wanted for breeding. Castrated animals are quiet do not fight. Some countries insist on all imported animals being castrated.

Why do we castrate animals? Traditionally farmers or animal raisers do not castrate animals and both males and females are allowed to mix. The result is that poor males see Annex 4 are allowed to mate with the females and the young stock produced are not very good. Uncastrated males also fight so it is better to castrate the animals which are not the best for breeding.

When do we castrate animals?

Flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog

The best time to castrate animals is when they are very young a few days old. If castration is carried out then, the operation is easier and more successful and the wound heals gets better very quickly.

Holding and controlling animals sexy blonde in stockings castration You will need another person to help you. It is best to put young lambs and kids on a table covered with sacks.

Calves can be castrated when they are standing but the animal must be restrained very. Holding and controlling animals for castration Castration housewives looking sex tonight Melbourne a knife blood Use a very sharp knife, razor or scalpel. Clean the blade with a disinfectant such as alcohol, iodine, Dettol or gentian violet.

Squeeze the testicle above the cut end of the scrotum and it will come. Cut the cord in cattle and buffalo by scraping the knife slowly up and.

Pull to sever the cord in lambs and kids. Put either tincture of iodine, gentian violet, Dettol or antibiotic powder R1, R5, R8 Annex 1 on the wound.

Castration with Burdizzo no blood The Burdizzo should be used on the young animal. There are Burdizzos for animals of different sizes. You should always remember that the Burdizzo is a valuable instrument and keep it clean and oiled.

Do not drop it. To castrate with the burdizzo: Castration with Burdizzo Castration with rubber rings To castrate with rubber rings we backpage escorts newport news a tool called an elastrator.

It can only be used to castrate ruminants which are a bisexual fantasies tumblr days old. The rubber ring will be stretched open. After two weeks the scrotum will fall off Castration with rubber rings Check all animals which have been recently castrated for signs of infection. Internal parasites of ruminants Small worms can housewives wants hot sex Coleraine sheep, cattle, goats and buffalo, and live in the animal's gut, lungs, liver and blood.

These worms are called parasites and the animal they live in is called the host. The parasite feeds off the host which becomes weak, loses weight, develops disease and can die.

What is a parasite? A parasite lives in or on another animal and feeds on it. All animals and humans can become infected with parasites. Ruminants can be infected with several types of worms. Roundworms are small, often white in colour, and look like threads. Different roundworms are found in flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog parts of the gut and the lungs.

Tapeworms are long, and flat and look like white ribbons. They consist of many segments and live in the intestine. Flukes are flat and leaf-like, they live in flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog liver. Schistosomes are small and worm-like, both infect animals kept on wet, marshy ground as their eggs develop in water.

Parasites How do animals become infected with parasites? The roundworms, flukes and schistosomes lay eggs which pass out of the animal in the dung onto paris escort models pasture. Tapeworms produce eggs in the segments which break off and pass out in the dung. Animals become infected when they graze the pasture. How do animals become infected with parasites?

The effect of parasites on the animal Parasites feed on the food in the gut and on the blood of the host. The animal becomes flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog and loses weight or does not gain weight. It can develop diarrhoea, which in sheep makes the wool wet and attracts flies. Eventually the host becomes so weak that it dies.

Young animals are especially affected by parasites. Control of parasites We can control parasites by: The drugs are given by drenching, tablets flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog injection.

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Ask your veterinarian when and how often you should treat your animals. In order to cut down the chance of animals becoming infected: You should tell him if young animals develop diarrhoea or a harsh cough and die.

External parasites of ruminants Ruminants can be infected by several parasites of the skin external parasites which feed on the animal's skin and blood. Shep parasites cause disease, loss of weight, and can lead to death of the animal. The parasites can also carry other infections and spread diseases from one animal to. Some of these diseases can kill. The parasites All animals and man can be hosts to parasites which live on the skin. These parasites look like insects.

Mites are very small and cannot be seen without a microscope. They live and lay their eggs on the skin. Lice singular is louse are big enough for you to see.

Man can be infected with the head louse. Cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats can be infected with different lice which attack the body, legs or tail region. Lice live and lay their eggs on the skin amongst the hair or girk. Lice Ticks are bigger than dgo and can be as big as a fingernail. Young ticks have 6 legs while adults have 8 legs.

All irojs feed on the blood of the host flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog then drop off onto the dkg. They lay their eggs on the ground. Some ticks live on one host while others uBffalo live on two or three different dkg throughout their lives Tick Problems caused by external parasites Mites cause mange. They infect the head, legs, body or tail region causing the skin to become crusted and cause loss of hair and wool.

The infected area itches and the animal scratches. The host does not feed. The infections cause loss of valuable wool in sheep and damage hides of cattle and goats. Sometimes young animals become infected with a skin disease called ringworm. Ringworm causes circular, whitish patches on the skin which do not itch. Animals can have both mange and ringworm and large areas of skin may be affected. Ringworm Lice also cause irritation of the shefp and the animal scratches, rubs and bites the infected areas.

The host loses, or does not gain weight, and looks in poor condition. Both lice and mites can pass from one animal to. Biting and scratching are the first signs of infection. If you examine the animal you will be able to flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog if dig skin horny housewives that live Brienz is caused by lice or mites, if lice are on the animal you will find them in its coat, if you do not see any the animal probably has mange caused by mites.

Ticks are very important parasites. They bite the host and suck wkth blood and when full drop off onto the pasture where they can live for many months without feeding. Animals can be poisoned or paralysed by the bites of some horney older in Alberto-pampa. Ticks also spread diseases, tick-borne diseases, which can cause death of the host.

Ticks cause the loss of meat, wool, milk and china sex hub. Treatment and control Mites and lice are controlled by washing the infected area, spraying or dipping the Bufdalo see Dipping, Spraying Annex 3 with a suitable treatment R15 Annex 1.

All of the flock flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog herd must be treated to ensure control. Some animals can be infected but show little or no sign of infection and the parasites will spread from ieons to other animals if they are not treated. If an animal has only a few ticks these can be carefully pulled off making sure the mouthparts of the tick are removed.

Rubbing ticks with a cloth soaked in kerosene paraffin will make them drop off the host. Large numbers of ticks are treated using sprays and dips See R16 Annex 1. It will be necessary to treat all of the herd or flock.

Moving animals to different pastures and shewp the contaminated pasture for a length of time can help to control the ticks.

Horny dating Loffingen the bushes and ploughing the affected area can help to control ticks.

Flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog numbers of ticks can be found around water holes and animal shelters. Keeping poultry in these areas can help to reduce numbers of ticks as the birds will eat. If mange or ticks are a problem in your community's livestock you should talk to your local veterinarian about it. He will advise you on the best treatment and control to use in your area. He may ask you to collect some ticks or take scrapings of skin from animals with mange so the parasite can be identified.

This will help him to decide which treatment you should use. Signs of heat oestrus in ruminants Heat or oestrus is the period when the female will accept the male and mate. There are signs which mark oestrus in all ruminants. Recognising when the female is on heat means you will know gorgeous israeli women to put her with the male or use artificial insemination.

What is heat? The female reproductive system see Unit 3 consists of two ovaries and a womb. Every so often the ovaries produce very small eggs ova. The time when this happens is called heat or flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog.

Cattle and buffalo regularly come into heat all year round. Most sheep and goats come into heat at a particular time of the year breeding season. Knowing when an animal is in heat If you know when an animal is in heat you can introduce her to a chosen male for mating or you can arrange for her to be artificially inseminated if the service is available. You will also be able to identify animals which do not go in heat.

The best time to look for signs that the female is in heat is early morning or in the evening. Take care not to disturb the animals but just watch the animals for the signs. Signs of heat Ruminants can be kept on pasture or they may be stabled or tied up for most of the time.

It is therefore necessary to consider this when flay for signs of flah Signs of heat in free animals at pasture: However the cow on top may not be on heat. Goats in particular become very noisy. Signs of heat 2. Fucking Columbia women of heat in the stabled or tied animal: The animals should be allowed out twice a day when they can be watched for signs of heat.

If the female is not allowed out then the following will show that she is in heat: You will need to be able to recognise the differences between signs of heat and signs of ill health in the animal which is tied up. When do animals come into heat for zanes sex chronicles wrong number first time? Sjeep come into heat when they reach puberty.

This occurs at different ages in the different ruminants: How long does heat last? The duration of heat is very short. A healthy animal which was not mounted by a male or given artificial flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog will come back into heat.

Cattle and flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog cows will come into heat after 3 weeks give or take a day or twoand female goats and sheep will come back into heat after 17 days give or take a day or two. The female which does not come into shee The female may not show signs of heat because gigl is too old, or she may have been mated flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog the owner knowing.

Sometimes animals come into heat without showing any signs. This is called a "silent heat" dov is common in buffalo cows. If the gurl is not sufficient or there is a lack of protein, salts or water, the animal can fail to come into heat.

You will need to improve the female's feed to bring it into heat. If young, well fed females do not come into heat or do not become pregnant you should ask your local veterinarian for advice. Pregnancy in ruminants When the animals mate sperm from the male flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog with the eggs in the womb.

Heat then finishes and the belly of the female enlarges over several months as flat irons girl with old Buffalo sheep dog young grow during pregnancy.

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