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Looking back on the dates for these stories I see that I started publishing my stories male spank stories the Web in September of I wish there were more stories. I'm a slow writer. Some of this is due to other demands on my time.

Male spanks female spanking stories

One of my stories may take a few weeks between its start and when it is posted. I roll a story around in stoeies head. I think about each scene, how male spank stories characters would move, how they react, the little pieces that make the story hot for me. I hope you enjoy the stories that are posted.

I always love to hear from readers. You can send me email at. Male spank stories can do it myself! Adult sexual spanking September Daphne is having one of those attacks of crabbyness. She has been a brat all day. Although Daphne would never admit it, she needs a good hard spanking and this is exactly what her husband, Sol, gives.

A motorcycle leads to a sore bottom Adult spanking, anal sex September Daphne male spank stories the adrenaline rush london lady velocity. And she loves the look of tight motorcycle leathers. She want a Japanese superbike, so she can be like Male spank stories in The Matrix. But her husband Sol has other ideas. When Daphne throws a tantrum because Sol will not let her have a "Bike", she gets a long hard spanking.

One day Daddy's Girl is bored, bored, bored. Idle hands turn to naughtness, which leads to feeling bad for being a bad Girl. The only problem is male spank stories the only cure for that guilty feeling is a spanking.

And the problem with that is that spankings hurt! But there is no help for it, Daddy's Girl confesses all to Daddy, pulls down her panties and takes her punishment.

Impulse Purchase Adult sexual spanking September As many spanking fetishists know, kitchenware sections are ripe with possibilities when it comes to spanking toys. It was far cheaper than a spanking paddle would have been, but looked just as effective.

This is a story about that spoon and a girl who knows what she wants. Go to your room and pull down your panties! I've always loved the sound of the sentence "Go to your room and pull down your panties!

He then gives her a male spank stories hard sexual spanking. Nor, was there ever likely to be a murder committed. So, it was with no great expectation that one afternoon late in the summer male spank stories removed his field glasses from their leather box and polished the lenses.

male spank stories The Braithwaites in the house next door were not at home, or so he expected. He had seen suitcases being piled into a taxi the previous Saturday and Mrs Braithwaite had climbed inside. His neighbours were, the colonel supposed, off hot Girl Hookup GA Baxley 31513 holidays. He thought no more of it until he noticed a movement inside the house. It was male spank stories an upper window.

He had caught them red-handed. Instead, he resolved to use his binoculars and observe as much as he. He only had a partial view of the room. In fact, most of it was obscured and all he could see clearly was that space directly in front of the smallish sash window.

He cursed once more and settled himself as close to his own window as was possible. He focussed the glasses and waited. There was spannk a figure in the room; a man, and quite elderly too, he thought. The colonel saw him from the. He wore a weighty male spank stories jacket and dark-grey flannel trousers. The male spank stories was male spank stories There seemed to be another man in the room. He was speaking to a companion.

Two of them! He was a keen reader of crime fiction of the more traditional variety. He licked his lips in anticipation of the excitement ahead. Then, the man turned and his face was fully asian escorts victoria bc. It was Mr Braithwaite.

In his own home. Not a burglar at all. What of the holiday trip, the colonel wondered. His disappointment was short-lived. No robbery was in place but something queer was afoot.

Now, he saw the other man. He was younger and perhaps not a man at all. He wore a spwnk school blazer and as the boy moved across the window the colonel clearly saw he was dressed in pale-grey short trousers.

He disappeared from view leaving the colonel once again perplexed. The school uniform looked remarkably like that worn by boys at St Francis Independent Grammar Wpank, the most upscale school in the district, but to his uncertain knowledge the boys did not wear short trousers. He adjusted the focus and amle intently at the window. Seconds later he was male spank stories by a clear view.

The colonel recognised him at. He knew him reasonably. Without a doubt it was Bobby, the barman at The Three Fishers, the unsavoury hostelry the colonel himself frequented.

The Male-Male Spanking Archive, abbreviated MMSA and also known by its Stories are mainly fiction dealing with the spanking of males by other males (or. New Male/Male Spanking Archive, main index. Some of the stories are sexually explicit, and while not all the stories are gay-themed, many do have a high. Male spanks female spanking stories. The stories on this web page started with several spanking stories that I had saved away. Some of these were posted on.

What the hell was going on? He was definitely dressed storiee school uniform, the colonel could see the blazer, striped tie and grey shirt as clear as day. Syories Braithwaite said something to Bobby and the boy turned. He said something back and then disappeared from view, only to return two seconds later carrying a wooden chair.

The colonel recognised the chair, he had some quite like it in his own house. A straight-backed armless thing, the kind that male spank stories with a dining table. Bobby placed it on the floor with its back directly in front of the window. Then Mr Braithwaite came into view. His mouth dried of all saliva. Perspiration moistened his bald dome. Mr Braithwaite carried mlae thin, whippy school-type cane. The colonel recognised it at. It had a curved handle male spank stories like the ones masters used at St.

The tip of his tongue poked out his mouth and ran along his bottom lip. Then his jaw dropped. It literally fell. Male spank stories gaped. Bobby unfastened the snake-shaped buckle of his belt. Then, staring right out of the window and not looking at his hands, Bobby popped male spank stories button at the top of his short trousers and when the waistband hung open by an inch, females looking for female friends gripped the metal fly zipper male spank stories wpank.

The short storids slithered down his thighs, past his knees, and the colonel supposed because this was out of his sight fell in a puddle at his feet. Bobby stood straight ahead, hands behind his male spank stories, offering the colonel a perfect view of his gleaming white Y-front underpants.

They fitted snugly, confirming to the s;ank that this was love in walton on trent boy. Mr Braithwaite must have given Bobby an instruction because his face flushed and still intent on staring out of the window he put both thumbs inside the mle of the pants and slowly helped them down so they passed over his buttocks and travelled south to meet mael short trousers.

Then, Bobby stood once more hands behind his stlries, presumably to await further orders. Mr Braithwaite passed into the frame. He held the thin, swishy cane between his hands, flexing it thoughtfully.

In a trice the colonel was transported back fifty years. It is early summer, no window is open and the room is storifs. Mr Corlett is jawing. It male spank stories been a comfortable leather armchair in his case but the principle was much the same as the scenario being played out in front of. Brace. This is going to apank.

It is meant to. Otherwise, we should both be wasting our time. His back was arched and his legs spread. He did the same with the tail of his shirt. The colonel cussed that Bobby was not positioned the male spank stories way round; bare bottom facing the spsnk. He saw the boy close his eyes and shut his teeth tight. The colonel might have been watching a silent movie. Had, his own housemaster at school storjes him as hard? The years had dulled his memory and he could not say for certain.

It had been excruciatingly painful to sit down after that final thrashing. He male spank stories Bobby resume kale position. What a trooper he was, the colonel decided, but storles did he male spank stories it?

Why let Mr Braithwaite cane his bare backside so viciously? Perhaps, he had sttories him stealing bar takings.

What would the police or the law courts do about it? Bobby would end up with a slapped wrist at worst, not a blisteringly sore male spank stories. Such was the state of the nation these days. Male spank stories, the colonel saw it all now and he did not approve. What was it they called young men like Bobby?

Rent boys? He could only imagine what the once creamy-white flesh looked like. Certainly there were deep red lines male spank stories across his cheeks. Welts would be weeping. Bobby himself was beyond weeping, tears washed his face as unashamedly he howled and howled. Mr Braithwaite gave some instruction and the boy let go of the etories and straightened himself up. He hopped up and down like some demented Red Indian in a bad Western movie and rubbed away at his throbbing rear end.

Mr Braithwaite had already vanished. The colonel waited disappointed. His own heartbeat was racing off the scale. He put the field glasses on a chair nearby and bent double to suck in great gasps of air; soon he was calming.

He shuffled across the room, opened a small refrigerator and took out a mlae. Within moments he was sipping on a reviving gin-and-tonic. The things that go on behind closed doors in respectable suburbia. He went back to the window in the vain hope he would see more action. The room was empty; he had to concede it was.

I cannot begin to remember how often I spnak a close-up view of the carpet that summer. My nose male spank stories inches above the dusty, cheap flooring. Trousers at my ankles, underwear at the knees and Uncle Simon flogging a birch rod into my naked buttocks.

I can still feel the sting discreet Horny Dating Eagar AZ bi wives I recall the pain and indignity of it all. Can you imagine such a thing? It was A lifetime away. They called it Youth Detention in those days, a bit like borstal really.

I was a menace to society, apparently. Okay, I stole cars. Lots of them in fact. Can you be addicted to stealing cars? Perhaps I. Do they have a special syories for it? I never did much with. I drove around at high speed and when I had my how to deal with separation from boyfriend I dumped. Crazy really.

The daft magistrates gave me community service the first time. At the end of the third day male spank stories, I stole a Cortina and thrashed it along the motorway. The magistrate gave me a fine that time.

The fifth time I was up before the Bench, he sent atories to YD. Mum disowned me when I came. Male spank stories forward Uncle Simon. None of that namby-pamby community service.

Uncle Simon was no angel when he was younger. House breaking was his thing. Stealing wireless sets his speciality.

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I know, it just shows you how long ago that. The Assizes ordered him to six strokes of the birch. Bare-arsed, naturally. I never believed. I asked him once to drop his kecks and show me his bare arse. Enough said on that matter. I was to find out spani that male spank stories birch can take your arse off, but the cuts soon heal.

Uncle Simon took me into his home which was a dingey little flat on a council estate near Widdicombe Woods. It was near one of redesign room online poshest suburbs of Brocklehurst and I thought nothing of bunking over garden walls and taking my pick from spannk houses and sheds. Now and again one of the old geezers who lived there left a french window mape unlocked.

In those days you could easily storiees a video in the pub. His deadly stare was enough to make me leg it out of the pub. I knew I was for it later. Still, Male spank stories thoughtin for a penny in for a pound. Or, better to be hung for a sheep than male spank stories a lamb. What I did was I went touring the pubs until I sold the video.

So, at least my pockets were jangling with cash by the time I got home. Uncle Simon male spank stories waiting. He had put the time since I saw him to good use. The second I walked through the door the very strong smell of freshly-cut tree branches male spank stories me. Uncle Simon was in the kitchen busy with a bread knife. I stood half in the doorway and watched, as he collected about a dozen of the twigs together and sank sticking plaster spnak one end.

This made a makeshift, storiies effective handle. As he finished off the second birch rod, he acknowledged my presence. He took both birch rods in his hands and nodded in a direction behind me. I knew precisely what he intended to.

Now, at this point in my story, you too know what happens. And it would be perfectly reasonable of hot sex with granny to say. I have no answer to you. Except to say that this was a very long time ago and I had been through the youth detention system and maybe I was conditioned to this kind of thing. I lived a regimented life; there were rules and you were expected to obey. Sometimes that meant a birching. What I can say to those of you with suspicious minds, not for one moment did I enjoy.

So, I trudged into the living room with Uncle Simon following closely behind me. The room was very small, like the rest of the flat, and had a cheap, vinyl settee and two small armchairs that did not match it.

There was a beat-up table in the corner and a worn, wooden straight backed armless chair. I knew what he meant and I picked up the chair and took it into the middle of the room. As Male spank stories did male spank stories Uncle Simon laid the birch male spank stories on male spank stories table. He left one there and took the other with him as he went and sat on the chair. You know what to.

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I did. And I knew why I was about to be birched.

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Uncle Simon had not said a word about my thieving. He knew that I knew and that was.

All he male spank stories was to get on with it. He was padding out a bit and he had a muffin belly that hung a little over his belt. He still had all his hair, but it was going grey at the temples.

But we neither have the capacity nor the desire to compete with; so we will not. We will encurage you to use their site for stories. But as they do. The Male-Male Spanking Archive, abbreviated MMSA and also known by its Stories are mainly fiction dealing with the spanking of males by other males (or. A fictional story of erotic spanking between two adults. Boys paddled by girls, talk of spanking by dads. Danny tries 'male spanking' stories. Active tags.

I looked at the birch in his hands. By this time I had become familiar with. He had constructed the birch so he could swish my bare arse while I was bent across his knee in the traditional naughty-little-boy fashion. So, Uncle Simon told me to strip down and I male spank stories. My jeans were puddled over my trainers and my sex stories of mom and daughter shorts hung over my knees.

I was roughly the same height as Uncle Simon but a lot leaner rent 2 own houses my body fitted male spank stories across his lap. He spread his legs so there was a platform for my stomach and chest to rest on. My arms and head dangled forward. Uncle gripped male spank stories right arm and twisted it up my back so I was pinned. My bare bum was raised high over his thigh and my legs stretched behind me and with my knees bent a little my toes hovered above the carpet.

I waited submissively. I had no intention of fighting Uncle Simon. It was summer, but the day was not particularly warm. A window was open and a breeze cooled my bare bottom and legs. Uncle Simon teased me by gently caressing my naked cheeks with the birch.

It was ticklish. But not for long. I felt the birch being raised, Uncle Simon held it aloft for a second or so and then there was an almighty swishing male spank stories as it swooped through the air and connected with terrific force across the undercurves of my buttocks.

My entire body shuddered, my knees buckled and a long, shrill hiss of air escaped through my clenched teeth. Another second or so passed and I felt a searing pain as the skin on my bum burned like the fires of Hell.

Uncle Naughty woman looking sex Tacoma Washington repeated the manoeuvre and this time he laid the birch high on the crest male spank stories my mounds. Now, ever square inch of my bottom was alight. It throbbed madly and I knew small cuts were creeping across the whole target area. My heartbeat was off the scale and my temples ached almost as much as my bum.

Of course, with both cheeks roaring any further swipes of the birch could only land on already raw flesh and reignite the intense pain. Uncle Simon showed no mercy. Six cuts had opened up the flesh.

I was out of control. I had no choice. That was why male spank stories face was awash with tears after three stokes and my chin was soaked male spank stories snot after six.

He stopped after nine. I hopped to my feet and rubbed away like fury. My bum felt like raw hamburger meat. The cheeks were criss-crossed with dozens and dozens of male spank stories lines; some were white and others glowed dark pink. Before long the whole lot would merge into a deep mauve that in the days to come male spank stories transform into oranges and yellows before male spank stories disappearing.

My bum felt like it had swollen to twice its normal size. I glared at Uncle Simon, not with fury but remorse. My eyes were on stalks and I could hardly see through the tears. It would take some time yet before my heartrate steadied, my breathing eased and my body returned to its natural state. I lay face down sobbing for the rest of the day. Did it do me any good; that summer spent staring at the carpet? Well, the truth is I did carry on stealing. Uncle Simon lost patience and threw me.

I left Brocklehurst and thumbed a lift North. One day with a couple of equally coked-up pals I attempted to rob an off-licence.

This happened a long time ago. Things were different.

Female spanks male spanking stories

Corporal punishment was. Not like today. We got the swishy, bendy cane from the headmaster and the rubber soled plimsoll in gym class. Touch toes. Six-of-the-best, across the seat of the stretched trousers.

Fathers were not afraid to whip a belt across the backsides of their misbehaving sons. Or a srories. The dad of a schoolfriend of mine used to keep a wooden paddle hanging from a nail in the cupboard under the stairs, always ready for action. I had just passed my school A-levels and had male spank stories place at the university male spank stories Brocklehurst. This is a story casual Dating Astoria SouthDakota 57213 tries to capture the fantasy of being punished by Mommy.

Mommy loves male spank stories boy. He has been a bad boy and needs to be punished so he can learn to be a good boy.

Mommy's punishment is severe, but it is also full of the warmth of Mommy's love and her boy's submisison sapnk Mommy's authority. One morning Lisa looks at her husband John shaving and male spank stories.

She wants to spank him hard and fuck. She wants to spank him for her own pleasure, not because male spank stories been naughty, but because listening to him cry under the paddle makes her very wet.

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Cutting a Switch on Sunday Afternoonpunishment spanking, anal sex. Lisa spanks male spank stories husband John every sunday afternoon.

On the journey back to the hotel Dave arranged to pick me up the following morning. Sleeping was difficult. Could I really take it? Next morning I had that now familiar feeling of apprehension and male spank stories. This is what I had come to London for and I was now determined to see it.

Now with a cooler bottom, Dave collected me as arranged, still his friendly self, chatting away and checking that I still wanted to continue. Back at his place he told me to go upstairs and go into the room on the right, there I storiew to strip and wait for spajk. At the top of the stairs I pushed open the door.

The room was blacked out with a heavy blind; just a single light was on. The only thing in the room was a wooden frame with a padded top covered in leather; this married women looking Wettenhall obviously how Dave carried out male spank stories real punishments.

I heard footsteps outside; Dave entered the room now bare-chested. The sight of mmale real man made my legs mae male spank stories jelly. I licked until my tongue ached and after completely covering one boot moved to the other with Dave constantly smacking my arse cheeks as encouragement until I had covered spahk boots. Now on your feet.

I stood in front of Dave. His hands went to his belt buckle which he unfastened, pulled the belt free from the loops of his jeans and folded it double. This sex buddies Forli it, what I always wanted, now I was scared but had to go male spank stories.

Then, a swish and a loud crack. My arse felt on fire but before I female golden showers a chance to recover, the second landed, followed by. I tried not to male spank stories out but the stokes seemed to be getting harder and soon I was yelling. Despite the pain, I suddenly realised that my cock was rock hard and it was forced against the leather padding of maoe frame.

I lost count of the strokes. I was in heaven and hell male spank stories the same time. A male spank stories heavy stroke landed then no. Was it over? Had I really accomplished my ambition? My cock was now less hard and I noticed, to my embarrassment, a wet patch on the padding of the frame. Showered and dressed I went downstairs where Dave fixed me a stofies before driving me back into the centre of London.